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On a view – our range!

More than just a trading company! Apart from the activities of a classical trading company we ground our profile in more and more ranges. So we constantly extended our range around the topic environmental and surface technique.


  1. Business:
    You want to sell, buy or convey a plant? Our enterprise comprehends the Business with new and used plants or elements of environmental engineering.
  2. Plant construction:
    Solution found, but there are problems with the realization? We will find the right partner, for a professional configuration of your plant.
  3. Planning:
    known function, but new elements are too expensive?No problem- we help planning with new and used elements.
  4. Consultation:
    Known problems with unknown solutions? We help with competent consultation and empirical value for years.
  5. Removal:
    Plant sold- but still takes up room? We are into help removing. Out team can make you a non-binding offer.
  6. Trading goods:
    Used is good, but not good enough? We conduct factory-new goods of our partners as well.
  7. Innovation:
    You want to smash into new ways? Innovation is very important for our company-just give us a test.


During the time we got numerous connections. Today we are a well-known website about environmental technology. It was always important to include similar industries like surface technique, food industry and to win local enterprise as suppliers and customers. Here a short Statistics over the postal zip code distribution of our contacts (only Germany) Achievements of Tipp

Industrial oriented activity

  1. Industrial waste water e.g. from metalworking/ Surface refinement, Colour production, chemistry-industry and cosmetics-industry, glass industry, refinement of leather and other ranges
  2. waste management e.g. recycling of galvanic sludge
  3. Ground water cleanups e. g. with strippers, adsorbers and filters, straightaway available
  4. Circulating water e.g.. in galvanic and process industry
  5. landfill leach ate e.g. as a container plant, completely used parts „new “ utilized
  6. pure water/ process water e.g. in food industry or for processes of washing