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Electroplating plant

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description: The manual electroplating is designed for the rack electroplating by manual operation in the bathroom.
An exhaust air washer (Maszka & Potas GmbH) is also optionally available.
The system is ready for operation and can be viewed by appointment

Manufacturer of the system components:
MASZKA & POTAS GmbH Kunststofftechnik: tubs, catwalks, droplet separators, exhaust air piping
Munk GmbH: rectifiers and control cabinets, remote controls
Weber Ultrasonics AG: Ultrasonic generator, stainless steel US oscillator plates, HF cables
J. Urbanek Elektrotechnik: PLC control, programming, control cabinet
Mazurczak GmbH thermal processes: electric safety immersion bath heaters, stainless steel plate heat exchangers

Required floor space:
• Approx. 4 m x approx. 12.5 m for the installation of the wet area system shown
• approx. 3 m x 4 m for the control cabinets

• 1 x process bath (e.g. chrome bath) with PVDF inliner and PVC droplet separator 12V / 800 A
• 1 x process bath with 4 cells (e.g. bright nickel bath) 4 x 10V / 100A (each cell has its own current / voltage control that is independent of the neighboring cell)
• 1 x process bath with 2 cells (e.g. matt nickel bath) 2 x 10V / 100A (each cell has its own current / voltage control)
• 1 x process bath (e.g. nickel chloride bath) 10V / 100 A
• 1 x process bath (e.g. electrolytic degreasing) 12V / 800A
• 1 x process bath (e.g. anodic electrolytic chrome plating) 10V / 150A
• 1 x process bath (reserve unused for expansion)

Design / special features:
• Single or double tub units made of PP (polypropylene) or PVC (polyvinyl chloride), chrome bath inlayer made of PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride)
• Total height of floor / upper edge of tub approx. 120 cm. Upper edge of the bathtub above the upper edge of the catwalk: 82 cm
• Screw feet for height adjustment with inclination adjuster made of stainless steel for sloping floors
• Plastic tub, reinforced all around with steel tubes, which are clad with tub material and have a smooth outer tub surface:
• The outer surface of the tub is insulated to minimize heat loss
• Easily hinged and lockable tub cover made of tub material for targeted exhaust air guidance and avoidance of heat loss
• Easy-to-clean exhaust air suction ducts on the side of the bath opposite the operator, upturned bathtub edge, sloping bathtub floor with a slope to the drain, straight inner floor with removable PVC insert
• lockable drain (not with chrome bath)
• Stainless steel support attached to the back of the tub with an easily accessible platform for remote controls and as a shelf
• Walkways made of stainless steel with plastic mesh inserts
• heating:
- externally supplied hot water via VA plate heat exchanger (supply lines via solenoid valves 24 V control voltage) and temperature sensors regulated: boiling / ultrasonic degreasing, electrolyte. Degreasing, double process cell, quadruple process cell
- as well as 2 kW electric safety immersion bath warmer, regulated and drying-protected: chrome bath, single process cell, stain 1 + stain 2, with double process cell and quadruple process cell as redundancy
• Central PLC control and monitoring with alarm signaling for:
- two temperature specifications (e.g. normal operation or weekend, the preset values ​​can be set individually for each process bath using a digital weekly timer)
- Dry run protection with shutdown of bath heaters and filter pumps per process bath and alarm signaling
- Central display for setting the parameters and setpoints as well as clear and color-coded display of the system and the operating states and actual values ​​per bath (temperature in ° C, filter, on / off, goods movement on / off, alarms)
- Central alarm display with reset on the control cabinet
- Central buttons for easy selection of special operating states e.g. Holiday / long weekend / vacation parameter specifications (one-off parameter specification which baths are kept at which possibly reduced temperature, which filters are running, everything is switched off and locked with an illuminated button on / off)
- Central emergency stop for the system
- Automatic restart for specified bath warmers on e.g. 40 ° C after a power failure to keep temperature-sensitive baths (e.g. bright nickel) warm in the event that the power failure occurs during non-operating times
• In the dry area, the rectifiers are protected in two passively air-cooled special control cabinets from MUNK and are controlled and regulated by remote control (see below). The two total ampere-hour meters and the associated PLC are also installed here, which outputs the dosing signals to the remote controls (see below).
• When the specified time value is reached, the rectifier of the bath cell automatically regulates the set cell voltage to a value that can be set in the switch cabinet using a potentiometer (currently 1.2 V) until the goods are removed from the bath. This minimizes further, unnecessary metal deposition, but the goods remain active in order to be further coated in other process baths.
• Each switch cabinet has a central main switch that is easy to operate from the outside

Year of manufacture:2018

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