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used Bio column, container, column, scrubber, bio filter made of PE - 16669 - Producer - - TIPP Umwelt- und Verfahrenstechnik GmbH

Bio column, container, column, scrubber, bio filter made of PE

details to article: 16669

Year of manufacture:2003
Condition:gebraucht / used / second hand

technical data

Volume  8.5 m³
Material  PE
Height  8200 mm
Diameter  1200 mm (inside)
Zulaufstutzen Wasser: DN 25
Ablaufstutzen Wasser: DN 50
Zulaufstutzen Luft: DN 20
Überlauf: DN 32
Mannloch: 400 mm (inside)
Diameter  1400 mm (including flange edges)
Miscellaneous  (approx. 40 plastic shelves with perforation (12mm) and spacers in the entire column (distance approx. 150mm))

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informations about: stripping plants

Stripping is a physical separation process where one or more components are removed from a liquid stream by a vapor stream. In industrial applications the liquid and vapor streams can have co-current or countercurrent flows. Stripping is usually carried out in either a packed or trayed column.
Stripping is commonly used in industrial applications to remove harmful contaminants from waste streams. One example would be the removal of TBT and PAH contaminants from harbor soils. The soils are dredged from the bottom of contaminated harbors, mixed with water to make a slurry and then stripped with steam. The cleaned soil and contaminant rich steam mixture are then separated. This process is able to decontaminate soils almost completely.

Steam is also frequently used as a stripping agent for water treatment. Volatile organic compounds are partially soluble in water and because of environmental considerations and regulations, must be removed from groundwater, surface
water, and wastewater. These compounds can be present because of industrial, agricultural, and commercial activity.From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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