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used used submersible pump / submersible borehole pump - 28885 - Typ: SP215-3-AA - Producer Grundfos - TIPP Umwelt- und Verfahrenstechnik GmbH

used submersible pump / submersible borehole pump

details to article: 28885

Condition:gebraucht / used / second hand

technical data

Delivery rate  215 m³/h ()
Temperature  30 °C ()
Rotations  2900
Lifting height  60 m ()
Power  55 kW ()
Frequency  50 Hz
Amperage  110 A
Voltage  400 V
Connections  1x DN150
Serial number  263 713 5111 / C 18A100B3 ()
Material  Edelstahl ()
Length  2600 / 3100 mm ()
Width  670 mm ()
Height  480 mm ()
Weight  330 kg

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informations about: Submersible pumps, subersible motor-driven pumps

A submersible pump (or electric submersible pump (ESP)) is a device which has a hermetically sealed motor close-coupled to the pump body. The whole assembly is submerged in the fluid to be pumped. The main advantage of this type of pump is that it prevents pump cavitation, a problem associated with a high elevation difference between pump and the fluid surface. Submersible pumps push fluid to the surface as opposed to jet pumps having to pull fluids. Submersibles are more efficient than jet pumps.
The submersible pumps used in ESP installations are multistage centrifugal pumps operating in a vertical position. Although their constructional and operational features underwent a continuous evolution over the years, their basic operational principle remained the same. Produced liquids, after being subjected to great centrifugal forces caused by the high rotational speed of the impeller, lose their kinetic energy in the diffuser where a conversion of kinetic to pressure energy takes place. This is the main operational mechanism of radial and mixed flow pumps.

The pump shaft is connected to the gas separator or the protector by a mechanical coupling at the bottom of the pump. Well fluids enter the pump through an intake screen and are lifted by the pump stages.Other parts include the radial bearings (bushings) distributed along the length of the shaft providing radial support to the pump shaft turning at high rotational speeds. An optional thrust bearing takes up part of the axial forces arising in the pump but most of those forces are absorbed by the protector’s thrust bearing.
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