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used used UV sterilization plant with closed stainless steel tank - 29275 - Typ: UV-Anlage - TIPP Umwelt- und Verfahrenstechnik GmbH

used UV sterilization plant with closed stainless steel tank

details to article: 29275

description: UV disinfection system mounted on stainless steel frame with pumping station, storage tank and control cabinet.

Condition:gebraucht / used / second hand

technical data

Description  - (UV reactor Aqua Adventage Plus 5 with sensor monitoring)
Power  1.1 m³/h (Max. flow)
Power  45 W (UV low pressure lamps)
920 mm (Immersion tube made of quartz)
Material  Edelstahl (stainless steel reactor)
Description  - (Pump station / Grundfos CME3-5 pump)
Delivery rate  3.1 m³/h ()
Lifting height  45.9 m ()
Pressure  10 bar ()
Temperature  120 °C (Max. Fluid temperature)
Material  Edelstahl (1.4301 of the main components)
Power  1.1 kW
Accessories  - (Pressure expansion vessel Aquapresso AD8.10)
Description  - (Stainless steel round container / storage tank)
Volume  0.85 m³
Connections  - (Milk tube fitting / PVC connection)
Dimensions  - (stainless steel containers)
Height  1200 mm (Inside)
Diameter  1000 mm (Inside)
Diameter  400 mm (manhole cover)
Further information  - (2x level measurement / ventilation filter for deionized water, food or chemicals)
Dimensions  - ()
Length  1550 mm
Width  1050 mm
Height  1900 mm
Weight  300 kg

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informations about: uv-plants

Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) is a disinfection method that uses ultraviolet (UV) light at sufficiently short wavelength to kill microorganisms. It is used in a variety of applications, such as food, air and water purification. UV has been a known mutagen at the cellular level for more than one-hundred years. The 1903 Nobel Prize for Medicine was awarded to Niels Finsen for his use of UV against tuberculosis. Application of UV irradiation to purify water was a technique invented by Ashok Gadgil.

UVGI utilises short-wavelength ultraviolet radiation (UV-C) that is harmful to microorganisms. It is effective in destroying the nucleic acids in these organisms so that their DNA is disrupted by the UV radiation. This removes their reproductive capabilities and kills them.

The wavelength of UV that causes this effect is rare on Earth as its atmosphere blocks it. Using a UVGI device in certain environments like circulating air or water systems creates a deadly effect on micro-organisms such as pathogens, viruses and molds that are in these environments. Coupled with a filtration system, UVGI can remove harmful micro-organisms from these environments.

The application of UVGI to disinfection has been an accepted practice since the mid-20th century. It has been used primarily in medical sanitation and sterile work facilities. Increasingly it was employed to sterilize drinking and wastewater, as the holding facilities were enclosed and could be circulated to ensure a higher exposure to the UV. In recent years UVGI has found renewed application in air sanitization.
Ultraviolet light is electromagnetic radiation with wavelengths shorter than visible light. UV can be separated into various ranges, with short range UV (UVC) considered “germicidal UV.” At certain wavelengths UV is mutagenic to bacteria, viruses and other micro-organisms. At a wavelength of 2,537 Angstroms (254 nm) UV will break the molecular bonds within micro-organismal DNA, producing thymine dimers in their DNA thereby destroying them, rendering them harmless or prohibiting growth and reproduction. It is a process similar to the UV effect of longer wavelengths (UVB) on humans, such as sunburn or sun glare. Micro-organisms have less protection from UV and cannot survive prolonged exposure to it.

A UVGI system is designed to expose environments such as water tanks, sealed rooms and forced air systems to germicidal UV. Exposure comes from germicidal lamps that emit germicidal UV electromagnetic radiation at the correct wavelength, thus irradiating the environment. The forced flow of air or water through this environment ensures the exposure.
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