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used used aquatector microflotation plant - 29789 - Typ: MF 400 - Producer enviplan - TIPP Umwelt- und Verfahrenstechnik GmbH

used aquatector microflotation plant

details to article: 29789

description: Flotation for the removal of suspended matter and particles in the water. functionality ============ clear water area: Removal of a partial flow Aquatector: Addition of air and mixing of the partial flow relaxation session: Supply of the bubble-free drain water mixed system: Mixing of waste water and flash flow reaction space: Separation of suspended matter and clear water Clear water is discharged under the baffle. Heavy particles sediment. Removal of flotate and sediment via chain clearing. ============ Flotation screw, sediment screw, flotate clearance, Aquatector pump, sediment clearance, sediment pump and flotate pump were tested and checked for function.

Typ:MF 400
Year of manufacture:2000
Condition:gebraucht / used / second hand

technical data

Accessories  (dispersing system)
Further information  (Hersteller: enviplan - Aquatector 50/300)
Power  6 m³/h ()
Power  3 kW
Accessories  (flotata clearance)
Further information  (Manufacturer: Getr. NORD)
Revolutions per minute  1,90 1/min
Power  0,25 kW
Accessories  (flotate screw)
Further information  (Manufacturer: Getr. NORD)
Revolutions per minute  20,00 1/min
Power  0,18 kW
Accessories  (sediment clearing)
Revolutions per minute  1,90 1/min
Power  0,25 kW
Accessories  (sediment snail)
Revolutions per minute  8,20 1/min
Power  0,18 kW
Accessories  (flotate pump)
Further information  (Manufacturer: Seepex - Type: BN 5-6L)
Delivery rate  3 m³/h
Power  1,1 kW
Accessories  (sedimentary sludge pump)
Further information  (Manufacturer: Seepex - Type: BN 2-6L)
Delivery rate  2,00 m³/h
Power  0,75 kW
Accessories  (Aquatector pump)
Further information  (Manufacturer: Seepex - Type: BN 10-6L)
Power  3 kW
Height  1800 mm
Length  4700 mm
Width  2300 mm
Weight  3000 kg
Accessories  (control cabinet with S7-300 plc and frequency converters)

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