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used unused polymer dissolving station - 30013 - Typ: PPU 1 - Producer ACAT - TIPP Umwelt- und Verfahrenstechnik GmbH

unused polymer dissolving station

details to article: 30013

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Typ:PPU 1
Year of manufacture:2015
Condition:gebraucht / used / second hand

technical data

Volume  1 m³ (working volume tank)
Power  1.3 kg/min (flow rate of the spiral conveyor)
Capacity  max. 10 kg/h (production capacity)
Material  PP (tank)
Power  0.45 kW (spiral conveyor)
Power  2.2 kW (agitator)
Further information  2 x Endress + Hauser Liquipoint T FTW31-B1A2AA4A - (Conductive level detection)
2 x Endress + Hauser Ceraphant T PTP35 - (Intelligent pressure switch)
Length  1850 mm
Width  1850 mm
Height  1940 mm
Weight  640 kg

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informations about: feed stations

Dosing generally applies to feeding chemicals or medicines in small quantities into a process fluid or to a living being at intervals or to atmosphere at intervals to give sufficient time for the chemical or medicine to react or show the results.

In the case of human beings or animals the word dose is generally used but in the case of inanimate objects the word dosing is used.
The word dosing is very commonly used by engineers in thermal power stations, in water treatment or in any industry where steam is being generated. Dosing procedures are also in vogue in textile and similar industries where chemical treatment is involved. In a power station treatment chemicals are injected or fed to boiler and also to feed and make up water under pressure, but in small dosages or rate of injection. The feeding at all places is done by means of small capacity dosing pumps specially designed for the duty demanded.
The feeding of chemicals in agriculture has also become common due to technology developments. However agricultural dosing is done by means of hand held pressure spray pumps or similar devices.
Sometimes aerial spraying of chemicals by fixed quantities at intervals or dosing is also adopted for agricultural spraying or for atmospheric spraying for eliminating certain types of harmful insects.
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