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used used drum Screening Plant for solids on trailer/ Recycling Screen / Mobile Screening Station - 30049 - Typ: RS 1500 - Producer BEYER - TIPP Umwelt- und Verfahrenstechnik GmbH

used drum Screening Plant for solids on trailer/ Recycling Screen / Mobile Screening Station

details to article: 30049

description: The Beyer trommel screening plant Recycling Screen RS 1500 is a mobile screening plant that enables the separation of materials that are difficult to screen, such as compost and topsoil. The plant is designed and constructed according to the most modern aspects. It is user-friendly, low-maintenance and of solid construction. The plant is ready for immediate use and is powered by the built-in diesel generator. It is therefore independent of the mains. The diesel engine is reversing started and drives directly a generator, which produces the electricity for the whole plant. All drives are electrically powered. This ensures high efficiency and operational reliability. In the event of a drive failure, the electrical interlock ensures that all upstream drives are switched off. This prevents overflow of plant components. The feed hopper, which has a capacity of approx. 1 m³, can be loaded either by a wheel loader or by another loader. A speed-adjustable metering belt feeds the screenings into the screening drum and simultaneously ensures blockage-free emptying of the feed hopper. In the screening drum, the screenings are recirculated, thus guiding the fines to the meshes. Particles of smaller diameter than the mesh size fall through the drum and particles of larger diameter are retained. Spiral-shaped carriers convey the screen material through the drum and determine the optimum retention time with the preset drum speed. On its way through the drum, the material is constantly circulated, which leads to the disintegration of agglomerates and the detachment of adhesive grain. A rotating brush shaft cleans the clogged meshes, keeping the screening drum open. A belt conveyor below the drum conveys the screenings to a stockpile. The oversize material is transferred to a stockpile belt at the end of the screening drum and placed on a stockpile. Both stockpile belts for screenings and oversize particles are directly attached to the plant and are folded out for operation. The screening capacity depends on the nature of the material to be screened. The main components of the plant are: - Feed hopper with metering belt - Screening drum with exchangeable screen linings - Rear stockpile belt, for screenings - Stockpile belt at the side, for oversize material - Control cabinet for all elements of the electrical control system - Chassis running axle, unbraked - Diesel aggregate 10 KVA for power generation

Typ:RS 1500
Year of manufacture:2013
Condition:gebraucht / used / second hand

technical data

Power  20 - 30 m³/h (Depending on material)
Length  1600 mm (drum length)
Diameter  700 mm (drum diameter)
Diameter  10, 40, 80 mm (Meshes)
Hours of operation  81.4 h
Engine  10 kVA (Engine: Hatz 1D81C ; Generator: MECC Old ECP3-3SN/2)
Width  650 mm (Material metering belt width)
500 mm (Rear band)
500 mm (lateral band)
Volume  1 m³ (Hopper content)
Dimensions  2350 mm (Feeding height of the hopper)
2550 mm (Hopper feeding width)
5600 mm (Total transport length conveyor belt)
1900 mm (total transport width conveyor belt)
3100 mm (Total transport height conveyor belt)
Weight  2300 kg
Accessories  (Replacement brushes - different sets)

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